About us

We don’t just sell fish: we really love it!

Our love for seafood led us to this path, as well as the desire to replace the consumption of farmed salmon with natural salmon from the pristine waters of distant Alaska and Kamchatka.

We are focused on importing, processing and distributing exclusively wild Pacific salmon. Our goal is to deliver to our customers a finished product that is safe for health, rich in nutrients and of excellent quality. Partnerships with our suppliers provide us with confidence in the quality of the raw materials coming to us.

We are a family company, and our first encounter with Alaska occurred in 2007, when one of our family members went there to go fishing. We are developing, so we are opening up new opportunities for our customers and new points on the map in all corners of the globe. Now a unique Kamchatka salmon has appeared in our line.

About us

The salmon in our range is sourced from sustainable fisheries managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and certified by the Department of Health. He was caught in the area designated by the Convention on the Law of the Sea, in accordance with strict rules for the use of marine resources, and in a very short period of time was transported in icy water to a rapid icing facility. Salmon harvested in Kamchatka comes to us directly from a fishing company that has the technical capability of shock freezing on board the vessel. Salmon processed in this way is a guarantee of freshness and quality.

We comply with all food safety standards, and the HACCP system implemented by us guarantees that our customers will receive a unique, high-quality and useful product.
We invite you to join us and become a member of our family that enjoys the tastes of healthy food from the depths of the ocean.