Sea cocktail freshly frozen 500 g.

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The composition of the sea cocktail includes environmentally friendly squid, octopus, shrimp, cuttlefish, mussels. Caught in natural habitats, they are mixed, frozen to be delivered to your table. A sea cocktail is the finest harmony of delicate unusual tastes.

What is useful for a sea cocktail?

The sea cocktail has a lot of healing properties, has a positive effect on the joints, allows you to make up for iodine deficiency. It is recognized as a universal product in the preparation of various popular dishes.

What to make from a sea cocktail?

With this product, you can cook a lot of Asian dishes, the basis of which are the gifts of the sea. It is also suitable for dietary cooking, because the meat of the inhabitants of the ocean contains easily digestible protein, as well as phosphorus, iodine, vitamin E and many other trace elements and nutrients important for the body.

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