Tiger shrimps peeled, 500g

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Tiger shrimps are a favorite delicacy of all gourmets. They are famous for their rapid growth, large size, high protein content, and pleasant taste. They got their name because of the striped color of the shell.

Interesting: Tiger shrimps are considered the largest. The maximum size of the specimens is 36 cm with a weight of about 600 grams. The meat in such a shrimp is several times more than in an average lobster.

How are tiger shrimps useful?

Tiger shrimp meat is rich in protein, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, vitamin D, iron. With frequent use of the product, the work of the heart improves, the condition of blood vessels, skin and hair, blood pressure normalizes. Shrimp is a dietary dish that is especially suitable for those who exercise and watch their figure. With a low calorie content, these seafood are very nutritious.

What to cook from tiger prawns?

Tiger prawns have an amazing taste! When cooking shrimp, you can add spicy herbs to them, serve with curry sauce or bake in bacon. They are popular as an independent snack, often added to soups, salads, second courses, decorate cold appetizers, wrapped in rolls and used as a pizza filling. Shrimps are very tasty if they are grilled or in fragrant oil, baked in the oven with spicy cheese. Connoisseurs marinate shrimp in spices, alcohol, various sauces.

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