Wild fresh-frozen chum salmon, gutted carcass without head

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1.440 RSD / kg

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Chum salmon is a valuable wild fish of the salmon family. They catch chum salmon in clean cold waters off the coast of Sakhalin. It lives in the wild and feeds on natural feeds, thanks to which its meat is as healthy and rich in nutrients as possible.

Interesting: Scientists from Harvard University conducted a study among the elderly and found out: eating salmon and other fatty fish once a week prolongs life by 2 years.

What is useful for keta?

The lack of carbohydrates and high protein content made it popular in diet menus and healthy food recipes. Regular use improves the functioning of the central nervous system, stimulates the cardiovascular system, improves vision, the structure of nails, skin and hair. The liver works better with keto, the immune system resists viruses and bacteria and the level of hemoglobin increases.

What to cook from fish?

When frying, the meat quickly becomes dry, so it is better to cook the fish under marinade or bake it whole in foil or on the grill, chum salmon is also great for stewing in cream. You can fry in batter, add salt or cook fragrant fish soup.

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