Wild fresh frozen coho, fillet pieces on skin

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3.550 RSD / kg

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Coho is a fish from the salmon family, its size and weight depend on the habitat. Coho salmon is often called "silver salmon" because its scales are bright silvery. In its composition, consistency and taste, the coho is a bit like oily, juicy sockeye salmon. There are practically no bones in the coho meat, which makes it an excellent source of useful properties for children. Interesting: The color of the coho meat changes during cooking: it brightens when heated or during canning, darkens when salted or smoked.

What is the use of coho?

When eating coho meat, a person receives a sufficient concentration of nutrients to ensure the normal functioning of the body. Coho is rich in vitamins A, B, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as minerals: fluorine, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. The use of coho prevents the aging of the body and the manifestation of Alzheimer's disease, helps treat diabetes, regulates fat and protein metabolism, prevents the appearance of excess weight, supports the health of the skin and hair, strengthens bone tissue.

What to cook from fish?

There are a lot of recipes from catfish, this fish can be stewed, baked, fried or prepared from it snacks and used in salads. It is especially delicious in baked form, ear. Amazing is the shish kebab, pre-marinated in lemon marinade. Smoked balyk and tesha are considered no less valuable products. But the best cooking option is a quick ambassador with the addition of onions and pepper.

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