Cold smoked mackerel, gutted carcass without a head

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Mackerel is the most common species, it is she who arrives in large quantities on the shelves of stores. The fish of this species is more expensive than the southern one, because it has a higher nutritional value. It is distinguished by a blue-green back with a characteristic pattern of numerous, slightly curved stripes. The lower body and belly are white.

Interesting: The coloring of the mackerel allows it to remain invisible. When the fish floats to the surface, it merges with the water and the birds cannot see it. And the fish swimming below do not see it due to the disguise under the color of the sky, as it is seen in the water column.

What is useful for mackerel?

Mackerel is a recognized leader among many commercial fish. In terms of the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3 is ahead of herring, tuna or salmon, in the autumn the fat content of Atlantic mackerel reaches 30%. Omega-3 improves blood circulation and memory, saturates the body with B vitamins, has an antioxidant effect on the body. Due to the absence of carbohydrates, mackerel fillet is easily absorbed by the body. Mackerel is prescribed for diets aimed at weight loss and for sports nutrition.

What to cook from fish?

Mackerel cooked in any way is always distinguished by a tender and almost pitted flesh with a special taste that differs from the taste of other fish and persists after freezing. You can cook a huge variety of dishes from mackerel: salt or smoke, bake in cream or wine, fry with potatoes, stew or stuff with vegetables, cook in a jar or bake a fragrant fish pie. The mackerel salad is especially good, according to the recipe of French chefs.

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