Giant octopus peeled, tentacle

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The tentacles of the giant octopus Doflane are a real gift for seafood lovers. This is the most valuable and delicious part of the mollusk, which is characterized by a dense structure and characteristic sweet notes.

What are the octopus tentacles useful for?

Octopus tentacles are rich in proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Thanks to its valuable chemical composition, the use of shellfish is able to: improve the functioning of the heart, normalize blood pressure, help get rid of stress, activate brain activity, strengthen the immune system.

What to cook from octopus tentacles?

Seafood is often served separately, with pasta, rice or vegetables, and is also used to create salads, soups, pasta and other second courses. For example, you can defrost the tentacles, grill them, pre-greasing the clam with olive oil, and then cut the finished meat into small pieces and sprinkle them with oregano. The seafood delicacy will be perfectly combined with any sauce of your choice or will serve as a spectacular addition to a vegetable salad.

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