Middle scallop (Kamchatka), fillet

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The meat is tender, has a pleasant sweet taste. Scallops are extracted in the area of the Kuril Islands and immediately subjected to shock freezing on the ship in order to preserve all the benefits and taste of the product. The meat of the Kuril scallop is light beige, tastes like crab meat. The cost of this product is high not only because of the boundless useful properties and the content of valuable trace elements in its composition. The fact is that mollusks have been on the verge of complete extinction for 40 years. Therefore, in some countries, scallop fishing is significantly limited.

Interesting: It is the scallop that is called the symbol of the goddess Venus, because she was born in its shell.

How is scallop useful?

Scallops contain a whole complex of valuable substances in their chemical composition. The delicacy helps to fight obesity and overweight problems, reduces the concentration of harmful cholesterol in the blood, normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, tones the body and relieves chronic fatigue. There are almost no fats and carbohydrates in it. Doctors advise eating scallops for those who suffer from diabetes mellitus, since their glycemic index is 0. Scallops promote the absorption of calcium, which is especially valuable for children and the elderly.

What to cook from seafood?

Scallops are ideal for making salads, pasta, and baking on skewers. You can fry in olive oil with garlic, cook scallops in breadcrumbs or make carpaccio. This is a truly exquisite expensive delicacy from the sea.

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