Natural red caviar (Kamchatka), 80g

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Chum salmon caviar is rightfully considered the most delicious of salmon. Dark red eggs with a diameter of 6-8 mm, orange-red or amber shade. They have a rich aroma and a salty taste, brighter than pink salmon caviar.

How is caviar useful?

Chum salmon caviar is a source of a large group of vitamins, polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids not produced by the human body, macro- and microelements. Increases immunity, hemoglobin, strengthens the bones of the human skeleton, improves vision, mood, stimulates mental activity, reduces cholesterol in the blood.

What to cook from caviar?

A variety of festive snacks are prepared from red caviar: sandwiches, canapes, tartlets. Bright caviar looks very beautiful as a decoration for festive dishes and salads. It is used for making sushi and fish souffle, as a filling for pancakes and stuffed eggs.

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